Looking For More 1-on-1 Support? 


Whether you are looking to reach your next-level fitness goals or mentorship in finding balance and discovering what is really holding you back, I am here to help! Let’s connect and see if the timing aligns.

I only work with so many 1-on-1 clients at a time so I can focus on each and every one! This coaching mentorship is a very personalized and inclusive program working WITH your body and life.

I’m here to tailor a plan to your unique needs. Together, we will work closely, create a personalized plan that works for your LONG game while celebrating your wins along the way.

If this is something that is of interest to you, please complete the application process and I will follow up with you within the following 48-72 hours.

Want to read and watch some of our inspiring success stories for our G-Fit Tribe Women?

They have transformed their lives using the G-Fit Methods. The incredible journeys of these woman, from not being able to do a squats due to pain, to removing IBS symptoms highlights the importance of building muscle, enhancing wellness, and improving overall health from the inside out. Read on to discover how our programs empower women to achieve their fitness goals, regain their strength lifestyle.


The majority of G-Fit clients are over 40 and well into their 60s!

When I decided to take a different route, the G-fit route. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. It truly has re-wired me mentally, physically and spiritually and put my whole system back in balance. Thank you Gina for being such an amazing coach and mentor over the years. Your guidance brought me back to the light and I found myself again.

Thank you so much for your genuine care in what you do.

Hugs to you Gina!

Katrina B.

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