Hi, I’m Gina Aliotti,


I have a deep desire to help women over 40 get in the best shape by doing LESS with the G-Fit Method. Get a peak into creating wellness within with your free 7-day trial of the G-FIT App today!

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Hi, I’m Gina Aliotti,


I have a deep desire to help women over 40 get in the best shape by doing LESS with the G-Fit Method. Get a peak into creating wellness within with your free 7-day trial of the G-FIT App today!

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I’ve been in the health industry for over a decade , and it’s my passion to help women over 40  simplify their fitness game and get more results by doing less.

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I am grateful for so much but today’s THANKS goes to THIS TRIBE.

Your support and advice, kindness, and honesty give me the confidence to make the best decisions for myself. Thanks to you all I have allowed myself two guilt-free days of rest and a more relaxed menu. I feel so motivated!

– Kate Lewis

I am so thankful that I came across Gina and the G-Fit Tribe.

Truth be told, I was apprehensive but I cannot believe how much I have grown in these last 30 days due to the support of this tribe. This journey is not all about the scale, but I have lost 14.2 pounds in only 2 months. Thank you, Gina. I am grateful for YOU and the TRIBE! I am so motivated to keep this party going.

– Kelly Thompson

Thank you for having this platform!

I LOVE all the content from the workouts, recipes, mantras, and of course our G-Fit Tribe. It is amazing how much we get from your videos, love it! I cannot believe I didn’t sign up sooner but glad I did when I did! Thank you!

– Maura Andrews

Great food + purposeful workouts + mindfulness +Consistency = Joy.

Seeing progress and it feels SO good! Thank you, Gina. It’s so much more than physical. I am handling what life is throwing at me which increased strength and grace.

– Samantha Matias

What is in the G-Fit App?

G-Fit Home Workouts on Demand. You can follow our monthly calendar or pick from a library of 100’s of workouts to meet your specific program and body’s needs. From curated challenges to body specific workouts, yoga, and more, you have everything you need to get in an awesome workout. Everything you need to learn how to do LESS and get in the best shape of your life!  The G-Fit App is more than workouts, it is your one stop shop for your wellness journey. Tools to stay motivated and keep you on track for the long game with simple creative recipes AND a monthly G-Fit meal plan using Gina’s unique carb cycling methods… Start your journey towards your next best version of you today…

Can you explain your "less is more" approach?

It’s True…The Secret to Achieving Your Results is by doing LESS!

Here’s why:

With the G-Fit unique approach to working out, you will see how REALISTIC it is to fit in your workouts.  An approach that will strengthen your body AND mind, so you will love the way you look AND feel – keeping you coming back for more!

When you find a plan that feels realistic yet challenging and one that you can do forever, you wont want to stop. The name of ANY fitness program is consistency however many programs are too extreme or restrictive to allow you to be consistent which leads to compromised results. The G-Fit Less is More approach is one you can stick to forever and therefore NEVER compromise your results. It is a magical approach that you and your body have been searching for!

Have fun with exclusive monthly programs and community challenges that get you results, on your schedule!

Tap into all the resources that will keep you FIT for life and NEVER hitting a plateau.

A complete system that works no matter where you are in life.

A lifestyle that will become a part of who you are and what you do.

G-Fit is NOT just fun, effective workouts but a way of life, a way of eating, a way of showing up for you day after day.

I don't have a lot of time to workout, do you have a program for that?

Yes!  Flexible Accountability Is At Your Fingertips!

That is exactly what the G-Fit App is about! Helping you to get in your awesome workout without the time that we don’t have! G-Fit workouts were created with YOU in mind. With mind-muscle connection and quality over quantity, you will be surprised how effective G-Fit workouts are yet don’t take a lot of time.

Within the G-Fit App, I teach you how to maximize your results and tap into the type of training that activates your muscles and produces results in less than 30 minutes. G-Fit workouts focus on circuit training so you both burn body fat while adding in resistance to build quality lean muscle.

You can stay on track with the in-app calendar OR schedule your own workouts ahead of time, get reminders and log your progress. Follow the monthly workout schedule or pick a workout your body’s craving. Simply open the app and hit “play”!

I have hit menopause and now my metabolism has slowed down and I can't lose weight. What do you suggest?

Our G-Fit Methods Boost Your Metabolism & You Can Ditch Dieting forever!

Nutrition is EVERYTHING!  Whether you are 35 or 65 years old, prenopasal, peri or post menopausal.  The G-Fit methods will help to re-ignite your metabolism while balancing hormones so you bypass any plateau. The Nutrition Plan uses the G-Fit Carb Cycling Formulas that will deliver results without restricting you from macros. We also can curate a personal meal plan just for you to overcome any hormonal issues you may be experiencing.

You will see how you can stay lean all year long using the G-Fit eating for purpose carb cycling formulas! Access 100’s of Simple/Creative recipes to work into the plan to keep your meals delicious, fun and creative. STOP the diet train and jump on the G-Fit train..

Take the guess work out of what to eat, simply download and follow the plan or set up a free consulting call to find out what plan is best for you.

I’m following another fitness program at a gym but also want at home options. Would this work with my current program?

Absolutely! G-Fit will work as your go to program or in combination with your gym program. Even if you are someone who loves the gym, there are times when you simply can’t get to the gym and that is where you can cue one of the G-Fit workouts and get an incredible workout in from the comfort of your home. Change is key so adding in both gym and home workouts can be an incredible way to reach your goals and provide endless options and less room for excuses.
*Disclaimer, when you start incorporating G-Fit workouts into your routine, you may fall in love with them so much that you decide to leave your gym and save time and money 😉 People think you need a gym to get next level results but when you realize you don’t, it is a game changer!

I keep hitting plateaus every time I try a new program, How is yours different?

Never Get Bored or Hit a Plateau Again!

We want you to feel excited to workout again and stop hitting those plateaus every time you start a new program.  Let’s be honest, it happens.   With the G-Fit Methods that you will find within the G-Fit App or in one of our Signature Programs you will find the right plan for you. Not only will you find a plan that excites you, within every plan is variety. Your body (and muscles) like change so with every workout being different, your body will keep responding and never adapting. Not to mention, the G-Fit workouts are so fun and realistic that you will keep showing up and that alone will bypass any potential plateau.

There is no “one plan fits all”. The G-Fit App has over 200+ on-demand videos with a variety of body part specific, full body workouts  or yoga flows to balances your mind and strengthens your muscles – while boosting your confidence!  We have monthly meal plans to keep your metabolism on fire!

If you are 35 years told or 65 years told, we have a plan for everyone!  Adaptable for every age, level and need with new videos each month!

How do you get results at home when your equipment is limited?

In order for you to execute and recruit different muscle fibers, it is encompassing different intensities, different rep forms, isolated vs circuits and mind-muscle connection.

You get incredible result about doing less and really focusing on the muscles.  If you are not engaging your muscles it doesn’t matter what type of equipment you use.  Being mindful on mind-muscle connection is how you can do less and get the results you want.  We dive deeper into this in the G-Fit App to help you get the results you want. Trust me when I say, you can do EVERY exercise at the gym at home. It may take some creativity but in that creativity, your body responds beautifully! G-Fit uses different variations, tempos, rep ranges, variations of the same exercise to constantly recruit different muscle fibers and get the results you have always wanted.

What if I am in my 60's, am I too old?

Oh my gosh, NEVER! Just like fine wine, you only get better with age and G-Fit is no different. Some of our greatest success stories are in their 50’s-late 60’s. The beautiful thing is G-Fit can be done no matter what age you! The workouts can be modified but most don’t need to be because they are lower impact yet produce great impact in your body composition, adding lean muscle while losing body fat. As we age, it’s normal to experience some reduction in muscle mass, strength and function, typically 3-5% per decade. The good news is that strength training and higher protein consumption can help you maintain and rebuild muscle so G-Fit is PERFECT for older women. Not only will you build your body but your confidence as you prove to yourself what is capable while not giving into the age excuse. Join our growing group of older women getting in the best shape of their life!

The G-Fit Academy

It’s so much more than “just another program” because inside, you’ll access the G-Fit formula that will work no matter where you are in life.

It’s time to drown out the noise, and get serious about your goals.

The entire G-Fit Academy is designed to accelerate your success and save you from years of frustration, trying to “figure it out”.


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