Master your fitness game once and for all.

The G-Fit Academy is the most comprehensive program to Ignite your Inner Fire and allow you to step up your fitness game by teaching you how to implement a proven system to cultivate life-lasting results in mind, body, and soul…



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Stop feeling frustrated, lost, and overwhelmed

because you can’t reach your goals OR you struggle to maintain them.


The G-Fit Academy will get you real & lasting results using a formula that will work for you no matter where you are in life.

All without feeling confused & overwhelmed, trying to figure out where to start, how to fit it all into your busy day, and make those lasting changes that make you feel amazing without stripping you of the things you love.

The G-Fit Academy is so much more than “just another program” or another diet plan to follow. Inside, you’ll access the full A-Z Blueprint that will work no matter what stage of life you are in. Learn YOUR personal blueprint and become aware of your own personal signs and symptoms so you can take ownership and become the scientist of your own program.

If you’re tired of feeling stuck, running around in circles, trying to “make it work” without seeing results – I’ve got the best news ever…I completely understand! With all the confusing advice out there, it’s hard to sift through the noise and figure out the best way to change your body and get lasting results. 

What ‘s Included?

The G-Fit Academy is the only implementation program that will teach you exactly how to reach your goals while understanding a proven system that will allow you to maintain them for life with ZERO frustration.


Guided Coaching

No more wasting time feeling overwhelmed by DIY programs and the results you are NOT getting. The is a reason you aren’t getting the results. You are trying to fit what works for someone else into what isn’t working for you or you are doing what you “think you should do” vs. what truly sets your soul on fire. Do you even know what brings you joy anymore? Are you being drowned by all the to-dos of life? In the G-Fit Academy, we will dive deep into laying a solid foundation BEFORE we move into the acceleration phase. We will gain clarity over your WHY and remove the things that are blocking your flow and happiness so you can finally get the long-term results you are after and get unstuck!

Weekly Modules & Trainings

No more spending a fortune purchasing programs that only give you ONE piece of the puzzle. The G-Fit Academy delivers All the elements in one formula you will use over and over no matter where you are in life. This is the EXACT formula I use personally and with my 1:1 clients who have had life-lasting results and transformations. There is a rhyme and reason to the consistency game and it’s your turn to learn the rules to YOUR game. While the methods work for everyone, you set the rules.  Weekly meet-ups and week’s trainings to dive deep into each weeks module together. This weekly connection will keep you accountable and allow you to integrate all the teachings so you can make them your own.

Weekly Meal Plans

No more figuring out how to enjoy food without sabotaging the results you work so hard for. No more counting calories or removing a macro from your diet. Finally start eating for purpose using the G-Fit Carb Cycling formulas that burn fat and leave you feeling energized and amazing! No more cutting out the foods you love. Learn to cook, create magic in the kitchen and eat a meal plan that you are excited about every single meal. We keep it simple, make it FUN and completely change your mindset around dieting FOREVER! Dive deep into carb cycling, 4 NEW carb cycling formulas to discover which is best for you while also setting yoru metabolism on fire and utilizing your body’s fuel systems properly. The WHY behind the methods that will completely free you from dieting forever. THIS will be the secret sauce to NEVER dieting again or counting a macro or calorie ever again while building muscle, dropping body fat, balancing hormones, reducing cravings and never restricting ever again!


No more feeling alone in your journey or like nobody gets you. Join your academy sisters who are all going through the program together. The connection with your sisters is unlike anything you get on social media. The raw conversations, realness, vulnerability, and doing life TOGETHER off social makes this connection so special and powerful. Connect weekly over zoom and daily over a private chat platform OFF SOCIAL. Nothing like having those that get you, understand you, have your back, and are there to motivate and inspire you as we grow together. One of the biggest takeaways from the Academy has been the incredible CONNECTIONS with like-minded women. It is so much easier to do life together when you know you are not alone. It is even easier when you are living a similar lifestyle – one others may not understand.  This piece of the academy is PRICELESS. 

Meet Gina


My name is Gina. I know you can completely redesign your life because I have witnessed thousands of clients redesign theirs and completely redesigned mine by using this SAME EXACT formula.

I was born and raised in Monterey, Ca, now living in Carlsbad, Ca with my two children and incredible husband. I am a renowned fitness professional and master trainer who went from gym burnout to living a healthier lifestyle! My life mission is to help women over the age of 40 to simplify their fitness game and get more results by doing less.

The G-Fit Academy is so much more than “just another program”  because inside you’ll access the full A-Z Blueprint that will work no matter what stage of life you are in. You will revisit the system time and time again to keep you aligned and flowing through life.

What if I told you the strategies that are getting women the best results, not the diet you follow or the workout plan you do?

Sounds crazy, right?

What really works isn’t researching the latest greatest diet trend or what your girlfriend had amazing success with…

It’s so much more…


It’s knowing the action steps to ensure that WHATEVER diet or training plan you follow resonates with you.


It’s knowing the action steps to keep you aligned with YOUR purpose and goals.


It’s knowing how to remove the noise and focus back on what's really important: YOU.


It’s knowing how to accelerate your goals from a solid place of understanding why you are even doing what you are doing.


It’s knowing how to maintain your results once you reach your BIG goals.


It's knowing how to pivot and reignite your fire when life throws you lemons and you lose your motivation or fall out of alignment.


It’s setting yourself up for success by building a solid foundation of bricks, not sticks.

Those are the things that make the biggest, lasting changes in your body.

Those are the things that accelerate your momentum and allow you to maintain your results for life.

Which in turn, makes you a happy, healthy, balanced, and confident woman who has clarity, not confusion. Feeling empowered and flowing through life knowing exactly what you have to do to show up your best.

The G-Fit Academy is your A-Z blueprint to aligning with your purpose, detoxing from the things that are not serving you, accelerating your goals, and maintaining them for life…

All in a 16-week program that will walk you through each module and provide you with the action steps to get REAL & LASTING results.

It’s time to drown out the noise, and get serious about your goals. Remove all the distractions that are REALLY holding you back and making you feel stagnant and stuck.

The entire G-Fit Academy is designed to accelerate your success and save you from years of frustration, trying to “figure it out”.

I will teach you how to build a solid foundation that delivers the biggest changes in your body but also makes you an amazing mother, friend, wife, coworker, and everything else in between. I will teach you how to stay in the driver’s seat NO MATTER what life throws at you!

Whether you are rocking your body goals right now, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with where to start, or want to learn how to implement a system that will work and allow you to continue to elevate your goals, The G-Fit Academy is for you.

Expect nothing but to gain everything from this 16-week small group coaching experience. Change your body, Shift your Mindset, learn what works FOR YOU, bring awareness to blockers getting in your way, and get yourself into a flow state where all things seem EASY!

By the end of

The G-Fit Academy

You will have:


.A clear understanding of the G-Fit Formula that will keep you motivated, UNSTUCK and flowing through life, knowing EXACTLY where you need to place (or remove) your attention


A clear understanding of the methods behind NEVER counting a calorie or macro again and why the G-Fit Carb Cycling Formulas work. Confidence to know why and how to implement them for best results.


A guided 4-week accelerated program to implement the carb cycling formulas to witness the mental and physical results. 4 Different Carb Cycling programs to learn your body and what works best for you.


A guided 4-week maintenance plan to begin to implement guilt-free refuels and truly understand their power and how they will only HELP you continue to see results. Learn how maintaining after an accelerate allows you to eat MORE and continue seeing results while avoiding mental and physical plateaus.


Confidence in what to do when you feel off and how to immediately get yourself back on track. Confidence in trusting yourself, your body’s cues and the ROOT of what is really going on.


A clear understanding of identifying things that are holding you back and how to remove them from your space IMMEDIATELY. More awareness in your life  to become the driver of your destiny.


A clear and timeless formula that will keep your results flowing effortlessly with ZERO resistance. This is a rinse and repeat formula that you will continue to use throughout your life no matter what season you are in.


A guided DETOX of your mind, body and soul to eliminate blockers (beyond the diet) that are getting in your way. A CLEAR understanding of what’s the root cause of your frustration that is holding you back. A deep dive INSIDE where true transformation begins. Deep dive into meditation, stillness and learn Gina’s personalized meditation practice that has helped her and 100’s of women THRIVE in every area of their life. 



CONNECTION. Support, Accountability and REAL connection with your Academy sisters who will be going through the EXACT program with you navigating life, digging deep, learning and growing together! A lifelong sisterhood created and cultivated…


Mastered your refuel meals with ZERO guilt. Master the understanding of less is more while FREEING you from dieting forever! 

Academy Details

Next Academy launches March 2025


BEGINS March 2025. There is no better time to set the foundation, remove the overwhelm, gain FULL control and commit to learning how to stay ALIGNED and therefore FLOWING through life and reaching your ultimate goals!

EVERY week we will focus on taking massive action, showing up for yourself, and shifting your mindset big time.  By the end of our time together, you will have so much clarity around how to reach your goals and MAINTAIN THEM!

This Academy is not a do-it-yourself or one-size-fits-all type of program.

I can finally work with you on a personal level while allowing you the benefits of group accountability.

This is real-life coaching for you and what’s going on in YOUR life right now.

You’re going to have me cheering you on as your coach. I’m gonna be there with you for it all… group coaching Zoom video calls, BONUS Academy Channel to stay connected on a daily basis, a group of the most supportive women all moving through the academy together, actionable assignments, and an EXACT PLAN to use throughout your journey that will only continue to work for you.

I’m inventing a whole new way of doing my 1-on-1 coaching…it’s not designed to get you short term results or make you feel amazing for a season but it’s designed to help you achieve LASTING RESULTS. YOU WILL HAVE all the tools you need to learn how to be the navigator of your own ship and stop the frustration and madness of why things aren’t working for you!

Because I want to make this work for everyone and help you to COMMIT, I offer two payment options: One-Time Payment OR 4 Smaller Payments.

You are able to choose the plan that works for YOU!



I’m super busy, how much time do I need to invest to get results?

I know you are busy and I am sure trying to figure it out is adding to the time you DON’T have.

Throughout the course, you definitely will want to invest about an hour a week in the learning process- reading modules, listening to videos, checking in with the group, doing your mini assignments, and of course carving out time for our LIVE Connections.

Remember, we are building a SOLID foundation you will have FOREVER. Once you take the time to invest in YOU and create this foundation, it will FREE up so much time (and frustration) in your future!

I would be lying if I said this wasn’t a time investment- anyone knows that making BIG changes doesn’t come with little investment (time and money) BUT I can promise you that you will LOVE that you are finally giving back to YOU and spending time and energy on something that you will have forever!

Invest in the time now, free yourself of time and frustration later.

Is this only for current G-Fit Girls who have been a part of all of your other programs (VIP, APP, Challenges, etc?

Heck, no! This is for everyone looking to finally learn the step by step formula for life long success and fitness FREEDOM! Free yourself from counting calories, getting stuck on why you tend to fall off, stop the all or nothing mindset, learn the REAL reason you struggle to maintain and most of all, learn YOUR own personal blueprint leaving you empowered to know your next steps.

While those that have been around for some time already have a taste of the G-Fit methods, teachings, and HOW AMAZING the lifestyle is however the G-Fit App and programs don’t give the EXACT system that can be repeated time and time again. Anyone who is  READY to commit and take their body to the next level is welcome to join! This is NOT a diet program, it is a lifestyle plan that will teach you the formula to learn your personal blueprint and what works for YOU! Learn and be coached along the way to self-awareness and empowerment! See the G-Fit App as the appetizer and the G-Fit Academy the main course.

Is this only for beginners who know nothing about the G-Fit lifestyle?

I am proud to say, NO! There is always so much to learn and areas to dive deeper into.

While there have been SO MANY success stories with girls that have rocked my programs, challenges, and G-Fit App, the EXACT system and formula have never been taught.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner and new to the G-Fit lifestyle or have been around for several years (so many of you) THIS is for YOU!

If you have loved what you have received already and want more, THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you have loved the connection and want more, THIS IS FOR YOU. 

The ONLY advantage for those that are familiar with the G-Fit Lifestyle and my approach is that you ALREADY know it works! 😉 

I am excited to give you MORE- whether you are a beginner or advanced G-Fit girl, THIS IS FOR YOU!

I’m following another diet/fitness program right now, is this something that I can “layer” on top of the other things I am already doing?

I recommend you FOCUS on one thing at a time and commit only if you are ready to fully immerse yourself into the material. We want to avoid confusion and any outside distractions. The best thing you can do is fully commit yourself to ONE thing, learn from it then you will always be able to use the material and tools no matter what else you do for yourself in the future. 

A lot of the foundational principles and tools laid out in the G-Fit Academy will only help you in your continuous evolution beyond your fitness journey and into every day life. The foundation you will learn in the G-Fit Academy will serve as a foundation for any future program -however we are pretty confident you will have found your forever program after going through the G-Fit Academy. 

Is this a female-only course?

Yes. While men would be able to benefit from ALL of the material as well, I want to keep it for women only so we can go deep into more intimate conversations. While it is a program designed for females, men will benefit too. 😉 

Does the price ever go up?

Yes! As the Academy grows and new material and value are added, so will the price but remember once you are enrolled, you will FOREVER have access to ALL the course material.

This launching price is not guaranteed for future academies.

Diane L.

G-FIT Academy Graduate

I LOVE my RESULTS and this course!
More than the physical results that happened over the course of 12-weeks, I feel more confident than ever that there is no turning back! Thank you Gina for an amazing Academy that taught me so much!

Gina S.

G-FIT Academy Graduate

I have absolutely loved the Academy and learned so much! There is no judgment and loving and caring support. I have learned how to live my best version of me with no guilt, no judgment, you vs. you. I realize what this REALLY means. I have every single tool to have no excuses and live my absolute best most purposeful, present life that I can lead. Thank you Gina!

Jennifer G.

G-FIT Academy Graduate

My Fire has been lit again!
My goal this academy was to grow stronger mentally knowing that the external will glow if the internal glows. Thank you all for igniting my fire again and special thanks to Gina for always going above and beyond. I am forever grateful. WE are stronger together G-FIT Tribe

“This completely changed my life!” Going through life’s transitions and feeling lost, frustrated, sad and trying to find joy in her life again, Jill had an incredible story that left her feeling empowered, supported and connected to herself and her academy sisters. Listen to Jill’s amazing Testimonial HERE.

Jill Seymour

Anita jumped on board and gained so much wisdom and happiness during her journey. After going through so many life shifts, she found peace in her heart and happines in her life by saying YES to her. Listen to her testimonial HERE.

Anita Mawdsley

From a motor cycle accident and on tons of meds, Jaimie learned how to slow down, eat for purpose, calm her nervous system and completely change her mind, body and soul from the insdie out. Listen to her testimonial HERE.

Jaimie Hoffmann

I absolutely loved the academy.  I learned SO MUCH. I had a great deal of ‘aha’ moments and feel as though I have found the person I am supposed to be right now.  I have spent so many years trying to get back to the person I was in my 30’s and realized through this academy, that I am just not that girl anymore.  I am happy with who I am and am embracing the mid 40’s with a different view.

The academy provided me with a better understanding of not just focusing on the food, but focusing on what truly makes me show up differently.  The videos were truly helpful.  I am currently rewatching them and feel as though this will help me when I get stuck.  You have a way about you that makes people feel better about themselves and gives them the courage and support to move forward.  Your knowledge, your personal touch, your honest approach and the importance of relationships/sisterhood is what makes this better than anything I have ever done.  YOU make us better and help us reach our goals!

I know this is where I was supposed to be and am so thankful that you provided me with the opportunity.  I can’t say enough about what makes this entire program different, is having your leadership and support!

Tiffany Owen

Real and The Raw

That is what we are about within the G-Fit Tribe.  These ladies who have done the academy have leveled up their fitness game while connecting with their mind, body and soul.

Possibly you can relate to one of these testimonials.  Or maybe you are thinking how The G-Fit Academy could be of benefit for you? What will you discover when you go through the program?  Each G-Fit Academy is different because the applicants are different.  It brings on a new energy each time!  No one Academy is the same.  Are you ready to follow your heart?

Want More?

Weekly Coaching Calls

We will connect face-to-face via ZOOM each week throughout the 16 week Academy (Rotating every Wednesday’s from 11 and 4 p.m. PST) to dive deeper into the module, share, answer any questions, work through worksheets and set you up for the following week. These intimate calls will help you stay motivated and on track throughout the academy. *Replays are available incase you cannot make a zoom.


Weekly Modules

Every week will be dedicated to a different phase of the G-Fit Academy, starting with the Alignment phase. Each week will build upon itself to lay a solid foundation to grow upon. Each module has been designed to help you make those gigantic shifts and create lasting results, in a very easy to follow layout. This is NOT a bootcamp fat loss program rather teaching you the knowledge and allowing you to make it your own and LEARN your body in the process. 

Lifetime Academy Access

The G-Fit Academy provides you lifelong access so you can continue to tap into the material and use it as needed. As I update material or add new content that I find resourceful, you will always have access to those updates. Join Academy Grad meet ups and opportunities for those that have completed the Academy. Life time access and sisterhood with those that get you and are there to help you whenever you need a sister to realign with. 

Be part of something amazing! Whether you are rocking your body goals right now, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with where to start, or want to learn how to implement a system that will work and allow you to continue to elevate your goals, The G-Fit Academy is for you.

Let’s talk more if you are still questioning if this is for you or not…

I get it. This is a big commitment of your time, effort, and money. I want to make sure you know how committed I am to you and helping you determine if The G-Fit Academy is for you.

If you have any questions about the Academy or want to set up a quick call with me to find out if the Academy is a fit for you, let’s chat!