It is such an honor to feature Cecilia as this weeks Success Story. I have had the privilege to work with Cecilia on a 101 basis and completely see her transform in so many ways. Before she left to go back to the UK, We were able to celebrate her success over a well deserved refuel meal. After 20 years, Cecilia was quickly reminded of how AMAZING real PIZZA really is!

Now LOVING her legs and enjoying her refuel meals 100% guilt free, there is no better feeling or way to live!

I couldn’t be happier with how her transformation has evolved and the incredible breakthroughs she has had throughout our journey!

So proud of you Cecilia! Keep rocking our plans, staying true to you, loving your legs and eating that pizza!

Cecilia has FULLY embraced our G-Fit Lifestyle in every way and is truly Devoted 4 Life!