Checkout two of my favorite booty blasting exercises that are sure to set your buns on fire. What I love about these two exercises is they really isolate the GLUTES while minimize the quad and hamstring activation.

When trying to focus on glutes, it can be hard to not also stimulate other surrounding muscles such as your hamstrings and quads, The squat is a perfect example. While you are working your booty, you are also working your entire lower body, hamstrings and quads muscles. While that is all fantastic, when you are looking to really isolate your booty, these exercises do just that.

Give these a try and let me know what you think.

Of course, NO gym is necessary and all you need is a Booty Band and optional pair of dumbbells.


Place a booty band just about your knees. Place one knee on a bench and your opposite foot on the ground. Holding onto both side of the bench, with your chest lifted and a nice curve in your lower back, kick your foot directly back behind you until your leg is parallel to the ground. Be sure to keep your heel flexed and squeeze throughout the entire movement. Repeat on the other side.

*G-Tip: keep tension throughout the entire movement so while you are focusing on the squeeze in your glutes while you extend your leg up towards the sky, you also want to be sure you focus on a slow release as you lower back down to the starting position.

Do 3 sets of 15-20 on each side, switching between each side. 


With a booty band placed just above your knees, start kneeling on the ground with your legs opened up wide for band resistance. . If you are using dumbbells (optional), hold one in each hand either on top of your quads or directly along side your body. Thrust your hips up and squeeze your glutes at the top before lowering down to a seated position to repeat the movement until you have completed 15-20 reps.

G-Tip: Give a 1-2 second hold at the top of the hip thrust to really squeeze those glutes. Be sure to also keep that wide stance and resistance with the band to target more of the outer glutes, saddle bag area.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!


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