Myth 1: You Can Spot Reduce Your Abs

Just like you can’t spot reduce your arms or legs, you can’t do crunches all day long to get better abs. Working your abs is definitely essential however crunches does not = abs. There is much more to it … When you are doing your cardio, working your legs or arms, you are also working that core and contributing to your ab goals! The key is not to focus on the area you are trying to improve but focusing on your body as a whole. The key is in consistency with both your workouts – not just ab workouts- AND eating for purpose. This combo will help you to shed the extra body fat that is hiding that 6-pack. Crunches doesn’t = ABS however, Full Body Workouts with some core focus + Cardio + Eating for Purpose = ABS (guaranteed).

Myth 2: Abs are 100% made in the kitchen.

You definitely cannot out crunch a bad diet but at the same time, you cannot only focus on diet to reveal your abs. It is a combination of both. Yes, you need to have less belly fat if you want to see the abs, and that reduction does come primarily from diet however,  you still need to train those muscles if you want to see them when you drop body fat. You can have a flat stomach but that doesn’t mean you are going to have a 6-pack. If you are looking for that beautiful stomach definition, it takes work both in and outside the kitchen.

Myth 3: More is Better. 

People think more is better. If you want something faster, that means you have to do it more… Typical mindset of people these days- more is not always better! People think, if you want abs, you must crunch all day and crunch all night- False! You wouldn’t walk around with your arm curled halfway up, to tone your arms, would you?  Focus on quality over quantity. Training those core muscles correctly during your workouts– putting your mind in your muscles — can do much more for you than crunching all day and all night…

Myth 4: You have to choose between carbs and your abs

NO you do NOT have to give up your carbs if you want those abs. It is all about the types of carbs you are eating. Pasta and abs may not be the best combo but oatmeal and abs are. It is all in the type of carbs you eat. Sticking with no processed, high fiber, complex carbs eaten in the right amounts and times, can definitely help you burn your belly fat! The key is eating for purpose NOT just eating healthy! THAT truly is the key to reaching your ab goals. My plans focus on carb cycling so you are never without carbs but they are sprinkled in throughout your diet strategically so you constantly are in a state of BURN and not STORE. Start eating for purpose and watch that fat melt off — without ever feeling deprived!

Myth 5: The bigger the moves, the better the results. 

There’s certainly something to be said for working a muscle through its entire range, but don’t forget those tiny micro movements. Those smaller movements add another layer of detail and definition to your midsection. Think about your typical plank, you don’t see much, if any movement, but you sure can feel the burn, right?!  I love changing up the exercises so you are constantly working different parts of your abs and not only focusing on building density but also building beautiful definition and detail! That detail work really comes from smaller micro movements. My VIP May Melt The Muffin Top Challenge has been awesome for showing the different ways to work the core from full range of motion to tiny micro movements. It’s this combo that will deliver incredible results and keep your body guessing with each workout. Change = Results! You don’t have to go bit to get big results!

Myth 6: You don’t have to work the deep core muscles unless you are recovering from Diastasis Recti.

You should absolutely focus on all your different core muscles from the inner most deep muscle, the Transverse Abdominis, to the obliques and rectus abdominus. All muscles are to be treated equally. You hear more about the deeper muscles, the transverse, with those aiming to recover from Diastasis Recti- post pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you ignore them if that isn’t you.

These deeper, micro moves will not only help to build strength but help with any lower back strain or pain. After all, yes we all are after those 6-pack abs but we can’t forget that working the deeper core muscles is what keeps injury and pain away!

These exercises that work the deeper core muscles and pelvic floor are much less intense but just as important — if not more! Not sure how to work your transverse muscles, give this awesome workout a try and feel the burn!


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