Are you on auto pilot, powering through your daily routine without much thought?  It’s common to develop a routine, but it’s not healthy if you don’t stop to consider your YOU time. We run around getting things done and getting things done for other people but did you take the time for yourself? Taking care of yourself may seem selfish but it is absolutely SELFLESS! When you focus on you, you are showing others that you are important and could be putting your own health in jeopardy if you are running yourself ragged. You cannot give back to anyone else until you give to yourself first!
Don’t postpone yourself. Lots of people tell themselves that there is always tomorrow but “yesterday, you said tomorrow”!  There will always be stuff that has to get done and to do list of things check off but be sure you are top priority on that to do list!
Make YOU part of your autopilot routine! Today and this weekend, find a way to add your YOU time into your daily routine and be sure to commit yourself to it, as much as you commit yourself to going to the grocery store for the family! Think of something that brings you happiness and work it into your routine. Schedule that time, in advance, so it gets done and is worked into your busy schedule!
Start today by scheduling your YOU time into your routine. Everything is a habit so promise yourself 3 weeks of conscious efforts on yourself and before you know it, it is part of your autopilot routine!