It’s the month of love and that means we are going to elevate your LOVE game. It all starts with loving yourself FIRST! Over the course of these 16 LOVE lessons, you are going to learn where you may need to up your self-love game or give yourself a bit more TLC.

In case you haven’t gotten the memo, “self-love” is where everything begins. Without it, nothing can manifest. If you haven’t reached your goals, maybe it’s because you aren’t loving yourself hard enough. YES, maybe you are focusing too much on the scale and not enough on your self-love game!!

Practicing self-acceptance (the willingness to accept who and what you are without judgment) marks the very beginning of your ultimate self-love journey. I want you to accept you for all that you are and all that you aren’t. When you truly accept YOU and start to love yourself HARD, that is when you will experience positive and real-life changes in your life (and body).

In the world we are living in, there is too much negative self-talk. People are so quick to compare themselves with others and love themselves less. I want to change that right now. I want you to start loving every ounce of who you are on every level, right HERE and right NOW.

Let’s dig into our first four love lessons that will step up your self-love game. I hope you are ready to start honoring, loving, and respecting yourself like the beautiful person you already are! Let’s dig into our first four love lessons…

Love Lesson #1

Find something you love about yourself daily.

Every day I want you to find something that you love about yourself. This may be challenging at first although will soon become something you just do, like brushing your teeth. Every morning, make it a ritual to find one thing you love about yourself. Say to yourselves “Today I love  ________ about me”. It can be anything from a body part to the way you handled a situation or showed up with a bit more grace. Whatever it is, own something about you that you are proud of. Allow that initial self-love to be what guides you throughout the day. When you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk, go back to your daily love mantra and allow that to be your focus. Let’s practice… “Today I love _________ about me.” Put it on a sticky, place it on your bathroom mirror, and repeat this throughout the day!

Love Lesson #2

Remove ‘’But’’ from your vocabulary.

Please don’t let the positive get overshadowed by the negative. Whenever you use but you are hindering your love game. The word “but” comes with uncertainty and lacks confidence.   I want you to be confident in your acts of self-love.  When you say “I love _____ about myself please don’t follow it with a but! Remove “but” from your vocabulary and be confident in your skin.

Love Lesson #3

Do not compare yourself to others! YOU vs YOU Babe!

This is a big one so please take this one to the grave. Stop comparing yourself to others. There is NO reason to waste unnecessary energy on comparing yourself to someone else. We all have our own stories and journeys that cannot be compared to one another.  All that matters is that YOU are a better version of YOU every day. Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. You vs. You, that is your only competition and that is your daily mantra!

Love Lesson #4

Stop Accepting your Negative Thoughts

You hear time and time again that your thoughts become your reality. This cannot be closer to the truth. Negative self-talk does nothing but hinder your results and damage our self-worth on a very subconscious level. Your thoughts have power so be sure that your thoughts are only those that will serve you and bring you up, rather than tear you down.

Imagine your mind is a typewriter. If a negative thought enters your mind, simply erase that thought and replace it with a positive thought that will bring you joy.

Love Lessons Part 2

Coming Up Next…

Until then, take each of these lessons and start implementing them into your daily life TODAY.

Practice makes Perfect so the daily practice of these lessons and you are well on your way towards mastering your G-Fit love game!

With lots of LOVE,


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