6 week UAP- Ultimate Accelerated Plan New & Improved!


This 6 week Accelerated Plan will blast body fat and increase lean muscle tissue in only 6 weeks with NO gym necessary. Includes a new nutritional plan each week and 36 circuit workouts to maximize results, reset your metabolism and create new habits.

BONUS week 7 & Recipe highlights for each week!




UAP Volume 2. You LOVED the UAP and you will LOVE the NEW & IMPROVED that much more!

NEW MENU, NEW WORKOUTS, NEW RECIPES, NEW LOOK- Everything you need to stay committed without feeling like you are on a diet!

-36 NEW UAP Circuit workouts

-NEW Recipes to keep you on track.

-NEW format with exchange list

-Changes throughout the 6-week diet plan to allow for BETTER results and even more flexibility with the menu!

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