This weeks success story goes out to this AMAZING woman, Danica Fryhling. Danica, way to step out of your comfort zone and share about your journey! I am so proud of you! You thought you would have trouble sticking to our plan and now look at you, you have made no excuses and found your winning plan!

21 pounds down in 6 weeks and now, 5 months later, a total of 35 pounds and many more inches. More than the weight loss, Danica is winning at her own mental game. Our challenge came to an end but you sure didn’t come this far to only come this far…

“This is becoming me, becoming who I am.” I LOVE THIS! You have fully embraced the G-Fit lifestyle to its fullest. Welcome to the new you!

I am excited to continue to watch your progress and be a part of your unbelievable journey!

xo Gina