I am beyond humbled to feature Katrina Brewington as this weeks Success Story. Katrina is a mother of 5 who continues to make NO Excuses. She has an incredible story and has come so far in her journey. She embodies the G-Fit Lifestyle and everything it means to be inside out healthy!

From challenging herself with a contest journey to now living the lifestyle and walking around in the best shape of her life, she is such an inspiration to so many. Checkout her Testimonial and incredible video testimonial below. So inspiring!!

She is also has been nominated to be featured in Muscle and Fitness Hers. You can share your support and cast your vote HERE. Good Luck Katrina!!

“When I decided to take a different route, the G-fit route. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. It truly has re-wired me mentally, physically and spiritually and put my whole system back in balance. Thank you Gina for being such an amazing coach and mentor over the years. Your guidance brought me back to the light and I found myself again. Thank you so much for your genuine care in what you do.

Huuuuggggggsssss to you,