I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me; Philippians 4:13. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always prayed for strength; Strength to just get through each normal day, strength to be who I needed to be as a mother, wife, daughter career woman, etc. I needed to gain not only physical strength, but also mental and spiritual strength. All the years of this prayer, little did I know God was working (at those very moments) to put in place the opportunities for me to grow stronger through all the struggles and challenges I was facing..

My journey to becoming fit has opened up a whole new life for me. I’ve gained confidence and a better quality of life.  I’ve learned so much about healthy meal planning, physical fitness training and how a fit lifestyle can empower you mentally. I’ve learned through this fitness journey that every part of our life’s journey, good and bad, is needed to make us who we are destined to be. We grow and make progress through our struggles and failures. This is the only way to become stronger and better. If I had to give any advice, I would say, don’t fear challenges, struggling or failing; on the contrary, expect and accept them because they are put in front of you to make you grow stronger and wiser.

Through my fitness journey and journey to the stage, I’ve discovered strength and willpower I had no idea was there. It has always been there, I just had to acknowledge it and put it to use. I’ve realized I can learn new perspectives and see life in a greater way with endless possibilities. I’ve learned that I am not only good enough, but great enough.

I hope to inspire my 5 children to never stop learning, continue to evolve into a better you, and to always believe in yourself that you are capable of doing whatever sets your heart on fire. Lastly but most importantly, it’s never too late and you’re never too old to pursue a better version of you! Gina Aliotti helped me prove this to myself. Gina, I’m forever grateful for your genuine guidance!


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