How many projects or goals are you working on right now? If you have to think too hard or it takes you a few sentences or paragraphs to list ALL you are working on right now, you may be focusing on too many things.
When something motivates us to make a change, it is exciting and we set all kinds of goals. We create a plan to make it happen and when we are ready to get to work, we re-evaluate our plan, look at our list and if it is too long! It can be overwhelming and you may find yourself not knowing where to start… Rather than getting to work, you just feel like it is too much and suddenly throw in the towel. Does this sound familiar?
It is important to come up with a plan that puts our focus only on the most important. That’s how results happen.
We have to learn from those who have reaped the benefits and know how to put the plan in action. Your dreams can become a reality if you know what you want, learn the tools to get you there, and have the ability to combine to two and focus on just those!
Having clear direction and priorities allows you to get to work…
Here are a few pointers to help you formulate your plan:
1. Know what you want. Make a list. At this point your list can be as long as you wish…
2. Pick your Top 5. Yes, this is where you only get to pick 5!
3. Out of those top 5, pick one, yes just ONE!
4. Remove your top priority from the list, and set all other 4 aside for a later date.
5. Now create your plan, commit to it and stick to it, no matter what!
(commit to something for this NO Excuse February, share it with everyone and focus on just that ONE thing for the remainder of this month)
Without focus, without staying true to our priorities, not only will we not get done the extra things we try to fit in, but nothing gets done.
What important things are you going to decide not to do right now?
Know what you want, that ONE thing. Then go get it….