In preparation for the start of our Scale Free September, I wanted to share WHY this will be what HELPS you take yourself to the next level. I want to share with you why you may even LOSE the weight you have been wanting to drop when you ditch the scale!

After years of working with people of all body types, ages and goals, the one thing that seems to be stopping people from reaching their goals is their obsession with the scale and what the scale reads. It is NORMAL to feel frustrated and discouraged when you start eating healthy, making lifestyle changes and aren’t seeing the scale budge.  Why do we let this number affect us so much? Whey do we let the number on this little machine determine our mood and therefore how we show up.

It needs to STOP.

Your success is not determined by the scale and it sure does not dictate your efforts. The scale does not determine your overall health, body composition shifts, your strength- both mental and physical, how your clothes are fitting, your energy and definitely doesn’t reflect the inside out changes you are making every day you show up and build your grit muscle.

Why do we let the scale determine our joy? Why do we let the scale tell us how “good” we are doing or whether or not our efforts are “working”?

The scale is doing NOTHING but stopping you from losing weight. I wanted to share several reasons why when you ditch the scale how FINALLY you will release the weight you have been holding onto because you are simply obsessed.

Let’s dive in…

  1. The Scale lies. The number on your scale is affected by so many things that are completely out of your control – time of day, what you’ve had to eat/drink, sodium, hormones, fiber, stress, high carb day, low carb day… We judge the number yet the number lies. There are too many variables that come into play when you step on that darn scale!
  2. Muscle is MORE dense than Fat. You may have heard, “muscle weighs more than fat” which is NOT the case. Actually, one pound of fat weighs the same as 1 pound of muscle, but muscle is more dense than fat so it appears differently. If you replaced 5 pounds of fat with 5 pounds of muscle guess what?! You would weigh the same, but look completely different. Your clothes would fit differently and skin would appear differently yet the number on the scale may not have changed.
  3. The scale sucks the motivation out of you. People use the scale to motivate them when it does nothing but unmotivated you. If you have been working hard then step on the scale and it tells you otherwise, rather than being motivated, you immediately are unmotivated. When the scale shows what we want to see, we are motivated to continue eating healthy and exercising, but when it doesn’t we are tempted to throw in the towel or resort to unhealthy habits like skipping meals, dropping calories or even wanting to do MORE exercise. Since our weight is quickly affected other variables, the chances of us stepping on the scale and liking what we see are slim so why do that to ourselves. It is all about risk vs. reward. If the risk is higher than the reward, why would we do it? Don’t set yourself up for disappointment and discouragement.
  4. Free up your Focus. When you ditch the scale, you are free to focus on much better indicators of health and overall success. You start to focus on how you look, feel, clothes fit, overall strength and stamina from your workouts and so much more. You will see how your overall mental state shifts when you don’t RISK what the scale tells you and focus more on how you feel on the inside. That is the best motivator ever that will keep you going, digging deep and showing up day after day.
  5. Elevate your Happiness. The wrong number on the scale can turn the best day ever into a not so good day so why do that to yourself. How does one go from having the best day ever to seeing what the scale reads and immediately shifting their happiness? When you remove the scale, it is inevitable you will be happier and everyday WILL BE the BEST DAY EVER!
  6. Bye Bye All or Nothing! Most tend to be in this all or nothing mode. When things are looking good on the scale, we are ALL ON. When things are not budging, we are ALL OFF and tend to throw in the towel. If you remove the scale you are removing the chance of running into the “nothing” mindset. If removing the scale can save you from this all or nothing mindset then this is a no brainer- bye bye scale!
  7. What you resist persists. If you are constantly resisting the scale, your frustration and defeat will continue to persist. When we let go of this resistance things can finally FLOW. When you stop with the resistance and live the G-Fit lifestyle, it is inevitable you will drop unnecessary weight, shift your body composition, gain energy and reveal your best self EVER. You have to trust the process and your body will naturally take you there. We tend to get focus on a certain number but what if that number is not realistic for us? If you are taking all the steps, using all the tools, continue to be patient in the process and show up every day, you WILL reach your goals and what the scale says has NOTHING to do with this.
  8. Remove the comparison-itis syndrome. We all are completely different and a certain weight on one person looks completely different on another yet we tend to compare 140 pounds to 140 pounds. We even tend to compare an old version of us to our current and as we grow, evolve and change, 10 years ago 140 may no longer be what 140 looks like on us today. When we ditch the scale we remove this syndrome and therefore can free ourselves of this false belief.

So, are you with me? We are saying bye bye to the scale and committing to a Scale Free September. If you are with me, COMMIT, Post, Share and let’s see what happens when we free ourselves from what has been holding us back all along.

I am so excited to rock Scale September with all of you! ♡ Gina

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