Let’s talk Champion Mindset. I talk about this term often and I wanted to dive deeper into how YOU can create this mindset in order to change your life and upgrade your consistency game.

Your superpower is your MINDSET. Cultivating a Champion mindset gives you the POWER to make better choices, choose YOU over your excuses and choose the person you want to be and life you want to live. The beautiful thing is, so much is out of our control but cultivating this Champion Mindset is 100% WITHIN your control.

I wanted to share my top tips top help you build this mindset and shift into becoming the hero of your story. THIS has been the catalyst for my long-term success. It wasn’t built overnight, it has been built on the daily efforts and choosing ME over my excuses every single day!  If you want BIG changes you must create BIG mindset shifts.

Let’s dig in.

1. Slow not GO!

We live in this world where we feel we have to go hard and fast to achieve whatever it is we are after. It is ironic to think that actually if we want to achieve MORE, we have to slow our pace DOWN.

There’s a saying in the Navy SEAL Teams, “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”

We need to learn from their tactics because they know best, when in the most high pressure environments.  Panic and hurry doesn’t lead to the most methodical thought-out outcomes.

In your life- the same principles apply. To do things well, we need to stop the hustle and SLOW DOWN.  Let’s talk about your fitness goals- rather than trying to GO FAST and get there the FASTEST, what if you SLOW down and do things a bit more thought out and methodical?  The Champion mindset is not a FAST game, it’s a slow game that is executed daily- not just when your circumstances are “perfect”.

Fast leads to feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and burnt out.  To build lasting results- in your body and business- you need to step back and slow down. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. To cultivate a champion mindset we have to focus the slow, methodical LONG game.

2. Less is More. 

We live in this world where we think more is better. The exact opposite is true. More only leads to overwhelm, fatigue, lack of productivity, lack of quality and less presence. To cultivate a champion mindset, we need to fully embody this less is more approach. Rather than thinking, “I need to do MORE”,  the better question is “how can I do LESS and achieve more?”

LESS is the theme of my life and yet I am still learning how to do even LESS for greater results. The times in my life when I had the GREATEST results were the times when I focused on less yet did less with impeccable detail and quality. “Focusing on mastery – doing a few things extraordinarily well – will be far more effective than doing many things at a commonplace level.” What are you currently doing at less than your best effort? In order to gain the best results and create the champion mindset, it is going to take doing less but exceptionally well.

3. You are responsible to share your gift

Right now, somewhere in the world, someone is feeling alone, hopeless, and defeated. We all have a gift to offer the world and the world needs that gift needs to be shared. We can quickly get in our own way and think, “who am i do this?” “I don’t have what it takes”. Your champion mindset comes when you truly understand that YOU have something the world needs. It’s time to put your insecurities aside and share your super-human gifts! A champion mindset understands that your unique gifts need to be shared and showered on those around you.

A champion mindset means you take action. You don’t let your ego get in the way of sharing your gifts. You do whatever it takes to show up because you trust that being the hero of your own story allows you to be the hero of someone else’s. When you set fear aside and shift your mindset from “who am I” to “who can I help”, you start to cultivate a champion mindset.

4. Prioritize What Matters

You will never “find time” and it will never be the “perfect time”. You just have to prioritize what matters. While we are searching for more time, time is passing by.

You can only make time by assessing your values, saying “no”, and structuring your life around the things that are most important to you. What are your priorities? If getting in the best shape is your priority, cut the time you watch Netflix at night, get to bed and get yourself ready to get up and own your day!

The first step in reclaiming ownership of your time (and life) is to set non-negotiable commitments to the things that matter most. Make a list- what are your top priorities right NOW. They shift and change but right NOW what are your top 3 priorities among everything else? Focus on THOSE.

Once you have your top 3, place ONE action step next to it. Once you have these non-negotiable commitments scheduled, get strict accountability from someone. This is where our Tribe comes in and what we are here for, to hold YOU ACCOUNTABLE.

A champion mindset is one that knows that the highest priority task deserves the MOST of your attention. A champion mindset will do whatever it takes to get that ONE thing done before moving onto the next task at hand. What is the ONE thing you need to do NOW? Focus on that one thing, nothing more and nothing less.

5. Look at your life with an Objective Perspective 

Without looking at things objectively, it is easy to get in your own head and slip into destructive habits. When we are in our heads, we often don’t see things clearly or correctly. To create a champion mindset, we must see things objectively, get out of our heads and see things as they are, not as we think they are.

You must be willing to destroy your beliefs… to cut ties with your rituals and routines in order to be the most productive. Whenever something comes along that is going to serve you and the greater good, you must be willing to pivot, remove emotions and look at things objectively.

Sometimes only way to identify the right beliefs, rituals, and routines is by hiring a coach (or working with a mentor) who has achieved what it is you want to achieve and has a proven system to help you get there.

Having someone in your corner who can look at your life and business completely removed from your emotions and beliefs, can help you to to quickly identify what’s working and what may need an upgrade OR removal.

Creating a champion mindset means seeing things as they are and having the courage to make the changes needed to be made. This often comes in hiring the coach, hiring the mentor and making the investment to see things differently. If you want to grow your business and lifestyle as quickly as possible, coaching is not a “good idea”, it’s a mandatory prescription for success.

6. “Mind Over Matter” 

I don’t care how motivated you are, you won’t always feel like doing the things that need to be done to drive big results in your life and business. When you don’t feel like doing it, THAT is where the Champion mindset is created. When you do what you know you need to do over whether you feel like doing- that is where you grow your champion mindset.

Human beings are easily influenced by outside influences or circumstances. The truth is, the wave of motivation you may be relying on to carry you through the day will not always be there. You must do what you need to do when things aren’t perfect. It is during these times you gain the momentum you need to keep showing up and tapping into your mind over matter – champion mindset.

7. Pick a Path and don’t Look Back 

I once heard this and it stuck with me forever. “If you put a donkey in the middle between two bowls of water, it’ll just stand there until it dies of thirst, not knowing which way to go.” This is what can happen when you don’t make a decision and are paralyzed by analysis. You end up sabotaging your goals because rather than taking action you can’t decide where to go.

So many of us are paralyzed with opportunities. We want certainty. We want some sort of guarantee that the path we’re on is exactly the right path. The world doesn’t work this way. Success is messy. It’s confusing. And it’s anything but a straight line. We must accept that this is all part of the game and be willing to play the game.

Without action, nothing will get accomplished. Pick a path and don’t wait time (or your life) indecisive. Commit to a course of action. Embrace failure, setbacks, and frustration as part of the process and that is where the champion mindset is grown.

8. Commit to Radical Alignment 

The #1 cause of stress, anxiety, and depression is misalignment. When your thoughts, words, and actions don’t line up, unnecessary emotions become inevitable.

For example, you might say that…

  • Fitness is your #1 priority…but you work 60 hours a week, skip workouts 4x/week  and are always chose scrolling over a good sweat.
  • You value eating healthy…but you eat fast food every week, skip your meal prep, constantly mindlessly find yourself snacking and eating quick processed convenient foods.
  • You crave stillness and quiet in your life… but you find yourself immersed in social media, putting more on your plate, not taking days off, and afraid of slowing down and sitting in stillness because you are addicted to the grind.

To cultivate a champion mindset, you must be willing to learn where you are not aligned. You must be willing to let go and be open to doing what it takes to commit to your goals. A champion mindset is created when you say you are going to do something and you DO IT.

9. Express Gratitude

Finally, to create this unshakable champion mindset, you must cultivate and express unstoppable gratitude on a daily basis. We have SO much to be grateful for. Unfortunately, our brains are not wired to focus on what is going right but what is going wrong. When you choose a champion mindset, you chose to constantly check in with a grateful heart and staying focused on everything you have to be grateful for, not just the good but the not so good that has led you to where you are.

“When gratitude appears, fear disappears.”

When you can shift your thoughts from all of the challenges in your life towards the opportunities and possibilities for your life and the things that are working in your life, everything changes. Champions don’t just focus on the end goal, they focus on the wins along the way.  Champion minds are grateful minds. To cultivate this mindset, you must be express gratitude daily and multiple times throughout the day. Let’s start today. What is one thing you are grateful for NOW? Make it a priority today to check in every few hours and express your gratitude.

Embracing a champion mindset is a commitment to excellence in every facet of life. It requires daily dedication, resilience in the face of adversity, and a relentless pursuit of growth. By nurturing this mindset, one cultivates the resilience to overcome challenges and the clarity to take on opportunities. It’s a practice we need to commit to each day. I am here by your side rooting for you!

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