Feeling a bit bored with your food? Are you finding yourself less motivated to eat or maybe finding yourself eating more convenience foods than you like because you are in a food rut?

If these symptoms resonate with you, then you might be in a food rut:

  • Tired of the same boring old meals on repeat. Does it feel like you are eating the same thing every day, all day?
  • Finding food uninspiring and unexciting. Something has shifted and what use to excite you is now just feeling BORING?
  • Resorting to convenience foods like the healthiest take-out you can find or easy fixes like frozen meals too often.
  • Frequently defaulting to convenient yet repetitive options like the “healthiest packaged foods” that have high claims but low nutrition.

I want you to know you are not alone. This happens to all of us. The key is recognizing when you are in a rut, being aware of your symptoms and then committing to making a simple change that can have the greatest impact.

What Triggers a food rut? 

With an abundance of recipes available online and within the G-FIT App, why do we often find ourselves stuck? Here are some common reasons:

  • Decision Fatigue: Overwhelmed by the multitude of recipes, we end up choosing none. This is so common! Have you heard of the donkey paradox. According to this paradox, a donkey, caught between two equally attractive options, starves to death because it cannot make a decision. The donkey is caught between two piles of hay, both equal distance and of equal size. Unable to decide which one to choose, the donkey turns to neither and is left to die. This paradox serves to reflect on our inability to choose when we have too many decisions.
  • Mindless Mode: Busy schedules lead us to grab the same foods, buy the same groceries and cook the same things without much thought. Mindless Mode leads to doing things based off of habit vs. what your body is really craving.
  • Lack of Creativity: Thinking healthy is boring. When you lack creativity, you only see a chicken breast as boring yet imagine all the things you can do with that chicken breast to make it exciting?!
  • Complexity: Some recipes, though tempting, come with too many ingredients or complexities, stopping us from trying them. Too many ingredients is the same as having too many options. When something seems overwhelming, it becomes too much to think about so we opt out.


Break free from decision fatigue and mindless mode by focusing on just ONE NEW recipe each week. Keep it to ONE. Browse online or better yet the G-Fit Recipes and find ONE you want to try. Commit to ONE and see how simple and delicious it can be. I make it easy for you by adding in recipes in the monthly G-Fit menu and highlighting a few recipes each month so you don’t fall victim to decision fatigue.

The key is to avoid overwhelming yourself with too many changes at once. Opting for ONE new recipe per week can build sustainable momentum and bring back excitement into your meals.

When you find yourself getting bored with your meals, it’s time to make a change and get out of your own way. ONE new recipe THIS week can be the game changer for getting you out of your food boredom. Whether it is a new sauce, seasoning, vegetable or simple creative recipe, this ONE change up this week can kick you out of your rut.

In the G-Fit App, I help you stay clear of the food ruts with countless recipes to browse and featured recipes so you don’t have to do the thinking. I offer some suggestions and ideas based on the season.

When you learn how to eat and cook the G-Fit way, you realize SIMPLE CREATIVE is our game and it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients or time to make the most incredible recipes that will keep you on track and LOVING every bite.

Download the G-Fit App and try ONE new recipe this week. I would love to know what recipe you try. Share in the G-Fit Facebook Tribe and let’s inspire each other to keep things simple and keep things creative!

You’ve got this!