What’s The Difference Between Collagen & Gelatin? + when & how to use them …

So many questions and I am here to help you understand the differences between the two + when and how to use them…

What’s the difference between collagen and gelatin?
Should you use both?
In what different ways can they be used for health benefits and in cooking?
How to find quality collagen and gelatin?

This Blog answers all these answers more!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the huge rave around using collagen and gelatin. You have been hearing about all the benefits of collagen and gelatin or yummy recipes using these foods, including many of the new recipes that have been popping up in the G-Fit App.

So what’s the big deal? Is this all hype and marketing or is there something to collagen and gelatin? Are these the new super-supplements that are here to stay?

Let’s dive in to the what, the why and the how…

The What: What Are Collagen & Gelatin?
Collagen and gelatin come from the same place: the bones and connective tissue of grass-fed cows. Fun fact- collagen is found ONLY in animals, so there are no vegetarian or vegan food sources that can provide the same benefits for humans.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the animals’ bodies, and it’s also the most abundant protein found in the human body.

It is absolutely essential for human health. As we age, our collagen levels decrease, which leads to signs of aging: hello sagging skin, sot so pretty wrinkles, brutal joint pain, increased inflammation, reduced hair growth, and so much more.

Collagen and gelatin are both nourishing foods and helpful, healing supplements that should become essential, especially as we start to add years onto our youth… (37 here…every little bit helps, can I get an ‘amen’?).

The Why: Benefits of Collagen and Gelatin
At the most basic level, collagen and gelatin have the same benefits. Checkout ALL the amazing benefits of BOTH collagen and gelatin…
-Improve skin health and promote younger, more elastic skin
-Improve gut function and digestion
-Support joint health and builds human cartilage
-Keeps inflammation in check
-Are pure sources of protein
-Supports a healthy metabolism
-Improves the health of hair and nails and encourage faster hair/nail growth
-Contributes important amino acids that are difficult to find in our diet, such as glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline

So What’s The Difference Between Collagen And Gelatin?
Great question and here is a really great way to think about it. Think about apples and applesauce… The main ingredient is the same but how they are eaten and prepared is different right?
Same goes for Collagen and Gelatin.

When the connective tissues (collagen) of animals are cooked, they turn into gelatin. If you’ve ever made bone broth, you’ve essentially cooked the bones and connective tissues (collagen) and made your own gelatin!
So, gelatin is made of collagen protein, just a slightly different, cooked form. Their amino acid profiles and benefits are essentially the same, yet the biggest difference between the two is that gelatin will “gel” or thicken when cooled.
Collagen = “apples”
Gelatin = “apple sauce”

Should I Use Both?
Well both provide 10 grams of animal protein per scoop, a full spectrum of amino acids, and all the many benefits listed above. They both have their place and purpose…Collagen makes a great addition to smoothies, cold or warm beverages, and dissolves in BOTH hot and cold liquids. On the other hand, gelatin should only go in hot liquids. Perfect for our puddings, custards, gummies, or HOT beverages such as tea or coffee.
If you want options, you want BOTH and use them according to recipe.

The How: How To Use Collagen and Gelatin Daily
I, personally, use both everyday. Collagen in my smoothies, shakes baked goods, oats etc. and Gelatin in our G-Fit gelatin blocks or other fun recipes.

I have definitely noticed a HUGE difference in my hair and nail growth and my skin turnover rate. My hair grows SO fast since adding collagen and gelatin to my diet. My skin also recovers from my spontaneous hormonal breakouts so much faster!

Here’s how I work collagen and gelatin into my everyday:

First thing in the A.M.: I enjoy a cup of coffee with a scoop collagen or gelatin (whatever is fastest to grab). This keeps my blood sugar balanced especially if I am doing my fasted morning cardio.

Post Cardio: When I have a green drink or basic shake, I will add Collagen or in my oatmeal.

Afternoon Snack: On fat days, you may find me crunching on pork rinds (high in collagen). To combat those afternoon cravings, I tend to sip on tea, coffee, adding collagen or gelatin or simply sipping on bone broth (source of gelatin).

Post Dinner (dessert): When the cravings come on strong (or really any time of day), I will have a G-Fit Gelatin block that always does the trick!

The How: How to Find Quality Grass-Fed Collagen & Gelatin
We have been talking a lot about supplementation and QUALITY a lot lately. Same goes here with your collagen and gelatin supplements. You need to know where to find the BEST, most high-quality collagen and gelatin. Remember they are not all to be treated the same. Don’t go for the cheapest go for the highest quality- you will thank me for it.

Remember source matters! Many other brands add fillers or can’t provide proof of purity for their collagen and gelatin. You need to remember that not all cows’ diets are the same and you need to be sure the collagen and gelatin is coming from a cow that was fed grass over grain. Grain most often genetically modified and simply NOT good for you!

For the highest quality, look to the best source. Vital Protein is my favorite source for grass-fed collagen and gelatin.

There’s so many more Ways to Use Collagen and Gelatin… This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once you understand the benefits and start seeing the differences in your skin, hair and nails + overall joint health, you will be looking for other ways to add in collagen to your day.

There are LOTS more ways to use collagen and gelatin on the regular, including all your healthy baking with almond flour, coconut flour, at flour, etc. The addition makes the texture of the loafs, cakes, cookies or whatever you are making SO amazing — perfectly moist with the right crumble!

Collagen and Gelatin isn’t just for the “older youth”, it is for our kiddos too. You are never too young to reap all the benefits. My kiddos love the gelatin gummies or simple blocks (a huge time savor than making them in the gummy bear trays). I am always looking for ways to sneak in some extra protein so adding it to their cereal milk is a sneaky taste free way to get it in.

I hope that helps to clear up your questions around Gelatin and Collagen. Yes, they are the real deal and yes they are here to stay!

Before processed everything, our ancestors ate loads of connective tissues, eating from nose to tail of wild animals. Sometimes we must take a look back at what was happening before the age of convenience processed foods and we will get the REAL truth as to what is hype and what is here to STAY.

Hope that helps!


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