My Summer squat Challenge is well under way and everyone is doing amazing!! The focus on building those nice round, toned bootys is in full swing! We kicked off summer with another annual squat challenge of 100 squats a day, every day of summer because this challenge is FUN and WORKS.

This challenge proves how much this powerful and versatile movement can work some serious magic, as long as we commit ourselves. The results from adding in squats to your workouts is phenomenal. There is a Frequently Asked Question that keeps coming up so I wanted to answer it for everyone here:

Q: Will squatting every day will limit results since our bodies adjust to anything we do regularly??

A: The answer is simply no. As long as you are constantly changing it up and challenging your body with different squat variations, your body (booty) will keep responding. Working out at home and with limited equipment means you have to get creative with your workouts and exercises otherwise your body will plateau and more than anything you will get bored! Stimulating your muscles in different ways will keep your body responding and mind in the game.

In my VIP, I will continue to post different squat Variations and ways to challenge yourself and your body so it DOES continue to respond throughout our challenge.

Checkout a few of these fun variations… JOIN ME and thousands of others who are rocking our squats and digging deep every day! It is never too late to jump on board and make changes to your backside! Happy squatting. —> JOIN HERE.

Try 10 reps and 3 sets of the following squat variations.

1. Eagle Squat:

Anyone who may have perfected a basic squat may want to challenge yourself with this yoga infused squat variation. Start by standing with your feet close together. Bring your arms up overhead then bring your right elbow underneath your left elbow, wrapping your right hand around your left forearm until your palms are together to touch. Then, shift the weight to your right foot and lift your left leg up and over your opposite leg, wrapping your foot around the back of your left calf. Once you have your balance, squat down as low as you can. Return to the starting upright position and repeat the squat movement, staying bound during the entire squat. This is definitely a challenging squat variation that tests your balance. Go slow and really focus on the mind muscle connection.

G-Tip: Be sure to push back your glutes and rise up and down in a straight line, without leaning too far forward and throwing off your balance. This is an advanced movement that really tests your balance and focus. Go slow, take your time and start with a few reps before working your way up to the full 10 reps.

eagle finish eagle start









Crossover Squat
Start standing with your feet crossed over one another forming an X with your legs. Place your hands on your hips and lower down into a squat position, pushing your glutes back throughout the entire movement. Stand back up and repeat the movement until you have completed 10 reps. Switch legs then repeat another 10 reps with the other foot forward crossed over.

G-Tip: This movement also tests your balance so be sure to go slow and focus on core stability. Engage the inner thighs as you perform the squat, as this movement really works the inner thighs too.

crossover finish crossover start








Squat with Heel Lift
This is just like a basic squat with your toes turned slightly out but with one foot up on your toes.  Start with your feet wider than shoulders width distance apart. Lift up your heel and come up on your toe on one side. Bring your hands to touch in prayer position or cross at your chest. Lower down into a regular squat then raise yourself back up to the starting position focusing on side that doesn’t have the heel lift. Perform 10 reps then switch sides lifting opposite heel and doing the same movement for 10 more reps.

G-Tip: This is a fun variation that can also be performed by switching from side to side with each squat so you shift up on your right toe then on the next squat drop that right heel and lift your left heel.

heel lift

Remember, as you perform these variations of the squat, form is KEY! Always focus on keeping your chest lifted and not rounding forward. Push your glues back as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair. Finally, keep your core engaged. Even though you aren’t directly working your abs, they are being indirectly worked by helping you stay balanced and grounded.

Don’t forget, you can’t out squat a bad diet. Check out all my nutritional plans HERE.

Happy Squatting!